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Supposed to get thunderstorms on Friday. How fitting. I think for the last two years, it has started raining at exactly 3:00 on Good Friday afternoon.

There was the loudest thunder on Palm Sunday during the reading of the Passion. It was awesome.

We got a bit of hail during the offertory on Palm Sunday. Everyone kept looking out the window to see how bad it was—whether their cars were getting dinged. The priest was looking around, like, “Take that, you materialistic fools!”


Boom, roasted.

Asker paulina-girl Asks:
How Palm Sunday is celebrated at your parish?
catholicliving catholicliving Said:

Sorry to take so long to answer this. I did go to Mass today, and observed all. Basically, not much. We got some palms on the way in. Father stood in the back and blessed them — then processed in. And for the Gospel reading, we had the Passion Sunday Gospel, which is read in a semi-play format. Other than those things, nothing out of the ordinary.

Does your parish do anything cool? Anybody out there have a parish that gets really into Palm/Passion Sunday?


When I get an ask about the faith:


When I realize how much research it will take to answer it properly:


When I eventually do answer and realize how insanely long it took me:


When people still disagree:

When my answer actually helps:

Just a friendly reminder that Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI is still alive, and is probably praying for us right now.

I just wanted to let everyone know that our opening song for Mass on Sunday was, for real, Number 666.

That is all.



Walking out of the confessional:


Like, two days later:




Pope Francis is the Dumbledore of the Catholic Church.

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Quick link… Again. I cannot, for the life of me, remember who reached out to me a few weeks ago and told me that they were wary to go (back) to Confession.

Well, my dear sister, I apologize for not remembering your username, but I hope this finds you. I bent my Lenten sacrifice a bit so I could post this and you (and anyone else who needs it) could read it. Hope it helps! Cheers!