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My heart is breaking right now.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
The priest at my church was removed from our parish for "not respecting boundaries" between him and two severely autistic altar boys. Even after having an inappropriate relationship, he's still a priest. I feel so sick and traumatized when I step into the church - I can't even call it my church - because of what happened. The archdiocese must have put a gag order on our new priest bc he won't talk about it and we need his help to heal. My trust has been broken and my faith is suffering. Help?
catholicliving catholicliving Said:

Oh… that sounds like a really messed up situation, and I’m very sorry that this all happened to your parish, anon. Truly. I believe we had a similar situation in our diocese, and it was not handled correctly at all, so several people fell away from the church (my ex-boyfriend and his family included).

If your current parish priest cannot help, I would suggest seeking the counsel of another spiritual mentor. Is there another priest at a nearby church whom you can trust? A religious brother/sister in the area? A really well-formed Catholic lay person, such as a teacher or catechist?

In my opinion — and I realize other people’s advice might differ once I throw this out on the Tumblrverse — I think you should seek the above person’s help AND go to a different Catholic church in your area, if you are able to do so without great inconvenience.

I know that I’m blessed to have about four Catholic parishes within a five-mile radius of my house, but I realize that not everyone is this fortunate. (So, in the case that we are not able to go to my parish for whatever reason, there are plenty of other solid Catholic Churches close-by as “back-up.”)

Going to a different Catholic parish will help you remain close to your Faith and others who believe and practice It, but it wouldn’t hinder your prayer/community by surrounding you with bad memories or anxiety. At first, it will probably a slightly difficult transition if you go to a new parish; but after a while, I think you will get the hang of it, and life can kind of continue as normal. At least, I hope that is the case.

This is my advice. And I realize other people’s may differ. If nothing else, please seek out guidance from someone you trust, especially your family members or friends who are familiar with the situation.

My prayers go out to you and your parish family, that you may experience great healing and consolation. Please keep praying, find a trusted person to talk to and seek guidance from, and if you feel comfortable with it, perhaps insert yourself into life at a different Catholic parish.

God Bless, ~CL

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I know, as someone questioning their religious beliefs, that it is disrespectful to go to Mass if you're not Catholic, especially if you do Communion, but I have done it before (both Mass and Communion). The only time I have was when I went to Mass a few years ago with a friend a few states away (I was staying for a few days, they wanted me to come and meet their Priest.) I honestly have no clue as to whether that would be disrespectful still, or no. Is it?
catholicliving catholicliving Said:

It is NOT disrespectful to go to Mass if you are not Catholic as long as: 1) You do not disrupt the Mass for the people around you and 2) You do NOT receive communion.

I hate to harp on the “DON’T RECEIVE JESUS” thing, but seriously… To receive Communion, one should be Catholic (in full communion with the Church), in the State of Grace (so, hasn’t committed a mortal sin), and has fasted 1 hour before receiving Communion.

If you do not fit those requirements, whether you are Catholic, “Catholic” or not, you should not receive Jesus.

But, yes, anon, it is no way disrespectful for you to go to Mass, as long as you are respecting the people around you. So, just go with the flow. Do what everyone else is doing. (Except the receiving Communion part — I think you can still receive a blessing if you are not Catholic — make sure to cross your arms over your chest, though.)

If you’d like to, please continue to go to Mass, and do not worry about it.

I hope that helps to answer your questions. Keep praying! Cheers and God Bless! ~CL

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! Why are you against holding hands during the Our Father? I always thought it was a nice community bonding thing. Hope you are having a nice day. :)
catholicliving catholicliving Said:

If you want to hold hands with your family, I think that’s fine. I’m against it, for multiple reason. First, it is not listed in the GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal — which is basically like “How To Pray The Mass 101). Also, I’m one of those people who’s kinda germ conscious. I don’t want to give people my germs, and I don’t really want to get theirs — especially right before communion. If you receive on the hand, that’s getting Jesus all germy.

If I’m holding hands with my family members, that’s one thing. But, holding hands with random people — who might not want to hold my hand either, but it feels like an “obligation” — that’s not very fair, IMO. Some people are not comfortable with it, so we shouldn’t pressure them into doing it. I don’t like that it’s not socially acceptable to bow or wave to a person at the sign of peace — or if you do, they look at you weird. I do that all the time, especially during flu season, and people give me weird looks like, “What you’re too good to shake my hand?”

Anyway, I get the symbolism of it, but since it’s not a required thing (in the GIRM), we shouldn’t feel like we’re forced into it. If you do it with your family or friends, whatever. But, if the lil’ old lady next to you doesn’t want to hold hands, don’t throw her any weird looks or anything. Maybe she has a cold and doesn’t want to give it to you. Or maybe she doesn’t like holding hands.

I hope you are having a nice day, too, anon. And hopefully I gave you a good enough explanation. Cheers and God Bless! ~CL

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I loved your response to the Rosary question but you seemed to forget or be unaware that in many cultures, it is perfectly acceptable to wear one's rosary. It's not worn to be trendy or cool, but as an outward sign of one's faith. Similar to wearing a cross necklace but showing a devotion to Mary or connection with the Church. I choose to wear mine after praying the Rosary.
catholicliving catholicliving Said:

I’m against wearing rosaries entirely (except in very dire situations, like a soldier going into battle or something) because there’s not much distinction between “wearing it to look cool” and “wearing it because it’s something I believe in.” Maybe in some cultures the distinction is clearer, but I feel like, in the United States at least, it’s considered a fashion statement and not a declaration of Faith in the Catholic Church and Our Lady.

Does that make sense?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What exactly do scapulars do? My friend told me they let you "jump the line" for entrance to Heaven but for some reason that doesn't sound right
catholicliving catholicliving Said:

The brown scapular is believed to have been given by our Lady to a saint on Mt. Carmel. Tradition says that she told the saint (I forget who) that anyone who dies wearing the scapular will go to Heaven. I think the Church has spoken on it before saying that a person has to be in good Faith, and willingly wearing it, you can’t just go around and put brown scapulars on people who are about to die. I don’t know too much about it. I’m throwing this out there to the Tumblrverse, and hopefully someone else will have a clearer answer for you. Sorry to take so long to answer you, anon.

Cheers and God Bless! ~CL

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi. I have a question I'd like to address but that which you may find silly. I'm aware that it is considered a sin to engage in homosexual acts but not when being homosexual. So, is it a sin when one has a crush on someone of the same sex as her or him?
catholicliving catholicliving Said:

I’m not really sure on this one. I’d say you should keep your thoughts pure, and your relationship platonic. But, that’s me. I’ll throw this out there to the Tumblrverse and see if any other good Catholics have any advice. I’ve had a lot of messages piling up in my inbox because I didn’t really know how to answer them, but I think sometimes I’m not the right one to ask. Hopefully, the right person will see this Q and give you the right A.

Good luck and keep praying! ~CL

I’m still kinda sad nobody challenged me though. Guess I have no friends. 😂

I’m still kinda sad nobody challenged me though. Guess I have no friends. 😂

Reblog with the name and location of the most beautiful church you’ve visited. Bonus points if you include pictures!

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